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Opolskie (Paczków)

HOPLE Poraj Paczków Vineyard

HOPLE Poraj Paczków vineyard is a vineyard located at the foot of the “Hopla” hill reigning over Paczków, the former place of children’s winter fun. Optimal slope slope, good soil, light sandy soil with coarser quartz debris, mild winters and warm summers – all of this provides ideal conditions for growing grapes. The annual production in the vineyard is 10,000 bottles, and considering the number of grape varieties grown here, they create wines from single varieties, as well as coupages, multi-strain wines. The individual wine varieties were named after the car models, most of which can be found in the interesting collection of cars located in the Metamuseum Automotive building located next to the vineyard.

Here we find the Isetta (Riesling), the name refers to the BMW model produced in the middle of the last century. The conducted fermentation reduced the sugar to zero, which gives a perfect combination with the dishes. Another surprising wine is Vette (a blend of Kerner and Kerling), here an indication of the model from the Chevrolet stable. If, however, you decide to taste something from Porsche, the owner invites you to a journey of Cayenne – Pinot Gris, a fresh, light wine, which will be the perfect partner for summer summer evenings.

The size of the vineyard

5 ha

Tasting and sightseeing

A wine bar is located under brick vaults in a completely restored building of an old barn, dating back to the 18th century. There is a unique atmosphere in the tasting place. Galvanized tanks, barrels in which wine is matured, wine displays give it a very mysterious and magical atmosphere.

Additional attractions

This vineyard is a special treat for motoring fans! If you are curious what models are waiting in the Hople – Poraj Paczków vineyard, you must come here and move into the world of wine, automotive and art at the same time. The owner only reveals that wine lovers are waiting for: Quattro, Testarossa, Ghia, Pagoda, Ritmo and many more …


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          HOPLE-Poraj Paczków Vineyard
          Ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 4B
          48-370 Paczków

          +48 693 552 443



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