Corporate Virtual Wine Tasting

Virtual tasting is an amazing way to connect online! Private group experiences can be customized for your group.

Discover how corporate virtual tastings & in-person experiences can help you bond with your team.

Virtual tastings is an amazing way to strengthen your business relationships!



Entertain and bond with your team or clients through in-person experiences


Meet one-on-one with a wine expert to help discover the world of wine


Tailor-made solutions perfectly fit for your business

Virtual Wine & Cheese pairing (ENG/PL)abc wina

Wine and cheese pairing for corporate groups. It might seem daunting to decide exactly which wine to choose with which cheese. But don’t worry – together with our sommelier you will learn the basics about pairing wines with cheese. This form of person-to-person meeting is a great way to bond, and what’s most important is that it can be loads of fun!

Tasting package includes: 

  • Wine samples selected by our sommelier
  • Selection of cheeses perfectly matched with wine
  • Hand-made jams
  • Guided Wine Tasting Notes

We also boast tailor-made experiences & customizable wine tasting kits to make sure your event is a success. Each of the participants recieve their own tasting kit a few days before the planned meeting on Zoom.

Time: 1,5 – 2 h

Virtual Wine & Chocolate pairing (ENG/PL)

wine and chocolate pairing otovinoWine and chocolate pairing for corporate groups. It’s fun and it’s delicious! You will learn about wines and how it pairs with chocolate. What will surprise you? Chocolate goes well and can create complimentary flavor profiles with dry wines. Perfect as corporate event, team building activity or a special gift for clients.

Tasting package includes: 

  • Wine samples selected by our sommelier
  • Premium artisanal chocolates
  • Guided Wine Tasting Notes

Every aspect of the shipment, experience, and format can be adapted to your needs. Prior to the virtual meeting we ship tasting kits to all participants.

Time: 1,5 – 2 h

Discover world class wineries (ENG/PL)

Online wine tasting with winemakers or wine expert conducted directly from the vineyard.

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Meet one-on-one with wine experts, winemakers and/or sommeliers from all over the world. We work with hand-selected wineries to create the best tasting experience. Just let us know your budget and the type of experience you like, and we can find you the perfect fit.

Tasting package includes:

  • Wine samples selected by winemaker or sommelier
  • Guided Wine Tasting Notes

We ship tasting packages (mini bottles or full bottles) from Poland. This form of virtual activity is especially recommended for international teams and groups. Meeting directly with wine experts on the spot and learning about a new country and culture can be extremely fun. The best tasting experience guaranteed!

Time: 1,5 – 2 h

Feel free to contact us for more details!

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How our Virtual Wine Tasting works?


Choose a form

Choose from different types of wine tastings or wine&food pairings. Just let us know your budget and needs and we can find you the perfect fit.

Schedule a time

We'll find a date and time that works best for you. If you've got a deadline or special date in mind, we'll do our best to make it happen!

Shipments of packages

We ship all our packages from Poland. Each participants will recieve their own wine tasting kit prior to planned virtual meeting.

Enjoy your tasting

A day or two before the planned tasting we will provide you with the link to the meeting. We meet on Zoom platform on the given day and time.


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