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Podkarpackie (Jedlicze / around Jasło )

Wiarus Vineyard

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The vineyard was established in 2008 at an altitude of 250 m above sea level in Jedlicz-Męcinka.

On a plot of 1 ha, 14 grape varieties are grown: Aurora, Adalmiina, Seyval Blanc, St. Pepin, Prairie Star, Muskat Odeski, Hibernal, Jutrzenka, Swenson Red, Regent, Leon Millot, Marechal Foch, Frontenac and Heridan (approx. 2000 items).

The offer includes white, rosé and red wines, from dry to sweet. There is a wine cellar and a tasting room in Jedlicze at 18 Grunwaldzka Street. Since 2015, wines from this winery have been on sale. Accommodation can be booked in the vicinity.

The size of the vineyard


Tasting and sightseeing

There is a tasting room for 15 people at the disposal of enotourists. For larger groups, the owners are able to arrange a different place. In the period from May to October, the most attractive are open-air tastings in the vineyard itself. The owners are also looking forward to visiting individual guests. Over a glass of wine, you can talk about wine, its production and the difficult art of viticulture in Polish conditions.


In the vineyard there will be a place for tents, where the enotourist will not be bored by the fire, barbecue and wine.

Attractions in the area

Nearby, there is an 18th-century manor house donated by the nation to the poet Maria Konopnicka near by Żarnowiec and the Kamieniec castle in Odrzykoń.


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          Wiarus Vineyard
          Ul. Grunwaldzka 18

            +48 602 636 899, +48 698 744 069



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