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Podkarpackie (Węgierka / around Przemyśl)

Węgrzyn Vineyard

The beginnings of the vineyard date back to 2002. The vineyard is located 250 m above sea level. The San River is surrounded by lush beech forests and 15 km from the vineyard. The offer includes 4 wines and you will have the opportunity to taste delicious local cuisine.


For travel weary backpackers, there is a place to stay here, which can accommodate up to 8 people. More information is available from the owners of the vineyard by phone.

Additional attractions

You can rent bikes here, so it’s worth making a reservation for excursions to explore the beautiful surroundings. For fans of active leisure, a real treat – kayaking trips to Przemyśl take place near by!


  • Sale of wine Sale of wine
    • Wine courses and workshops Wine courses and workshops
      • Venues & events Venues & events
        • Offer Offer
          • Rose
          • Red wine
          • White wine
        • Wine tastings Wine tastings
          • Organised groups
          • Individuals by appointment only
          • No appointment required
        • Winery tours Winery tours
          • Organised groups
          • Individuals by appointment only
          • No appointment required
        • Extras Extras
          • Eno-caravaning
          • Pet friendly
          • Picnic
          • Landmarks
          • Bike tours
        • Grape varieties Grape varieties
          • Jutrzenka
          • Rondo
          • Aurora
          • Leon Millot
          • Marechal Foch
          • Seyval Blanc
          • Sibera
          • Agat Doński


        Węgrzyn Vineyard
        Węgierka 196
        powiat Jarosław

         +48 733 599 113



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