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Śląskie (Radziechowy / around Żywiec )

Sen i Wino Vineyard

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The Sen i Wino Vineyard is part of a complex that includes lodging houses, a wine cellar with a cellar and a tasting room. The vineyard itself was established in 2012 and is situated on a slope with southern exposure.

The wines are made of hand-picked and selected fruits that are unique and unique. These are not the faults of mass production. The broadly understood wine chemistry is not used here. Each of our wine is, in a sense, a work on which the work lasts all year round. The owner makes every effort to ensure that the wine reflects the individual character of the grape varieties from which it was created and the uniqueness of the place where it grew. Each wine from the local area is full of our emotions, dreams and passions.

The size of the vineyard
20 ares

Overnight in the vineyard

The owners have at their disposal two 7-person ecological houses with air conditioning. The cottages are fully equipped, have a bathroom (towels, cosmetics set, hair dryer) and a kitchenette (dishes, kettle, coffee and tea). An additional advantage is the spacious terrace overlooking the vineyard and the possibility of using the jacuzzi. Prices start from PLN 500 / night.

Tasting and visiting the vineyard

The offer includes visiting the vineyard and winery, tasting and selling wine after prior telephone contact.


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            Sen&Wino Vineyard
            ul. Stanowa 1450
            34-381 Radziechowy

              +48 510 177 957



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