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Lubuskie (Borów Wielki/ around Zielona Góra )

Saint Vincent Vineyard

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Saint Vincent Vineyard was founded in Borów Wielki by French Jean Mulot in 2009. At present, it is one of the largest vineyards in both the Lubuskie region and the whole of Poland. Seven grape varieties are grown on 6.5 ha: white Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Muscat Ottonel, as well as red Rondo, Regent and Pinot Noir. Winemaking is a combination of local tradition and professionalism at the European level. Thanks to the passion and experience of an experienced oenologist, their wines bring back prizes from the most important wine competitions in Poland and abroad.

At work, they follow the best practices of French winemakers, mainly from Alsace. The vast majority of cultivated grape varieties (including all white ones) are noble Vitis vinifera.

Wielkość winnicy

6,5 ha


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        Saint Vincent Vineyard
        Borów Wielki 57E
        67-124 Nowe Miasteczko

         +48 609 192 801


        Opening hours:
        Mon.-Fri.: 8:00 – 16:00



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