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Opolskie (Opole)

Opole Vineyard

The Opole Vineyard is a family venture run by father Piotr and two sons Mateusz and Adrian. Although their adventure with wine began “innocently” with a few bushes behind the house, over time, as they say, they went crazy at the point of the vine and planted several thousand bushes. This place is a picture of the passion, strength and support that bring the family together. The vineyard is located in Opole, in the Wróblin district, near two rivers: Odra and Mała Panew. It lives in harmony with nature, so it is also eagerly looked after by deer, hares and eagles, which protect the fruit from starlings. In spring and summer, music is often brought to the vineyard “carried by the Odra River straight from the Amphitheater in Opole. The Opole Vineyard is a charming place that brings happiness.

Visiting the vineyard and tasting

The owners invite you for a walk around the vineyard and tasting individually and in groups by appointment.

Nearby attractions

There are additional tourist attractions in the vicinity of the vineyard. In Opole, the Millennium Amphitheater, the Piast Tower, the Opole Zoological Garden, and nearby beautiful palaces – in Moszna, Dąbrowa and Kopice.


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    Opole Vineyard
    Ul. Gawędy 65
    45-111 Opole

      +48 600 020 086




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