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Dolnośląskie (Niemcza)

Niemczańska Vineyard

The Niemczańska Vineyard is located on the slope of one of the Strzelińsko-Niemczańskie Hills, on the bank of the Ślęza River. From the top of the southern slope, where the vineyard is located, there is a beautiful view of the fields and forests. In addition to the historical panorama of Niemcza, you can see the Tatar Valley or the brick building of the old distillery. The vicinity of Niemcza is the Gumińskie, Dębowe and Krzyżowe Hills, crisscrossed by ravines and ravines. Niemcza is a historic city associated with the great battle of 1017. The market square is surrounded by defensive walls, and the entrance to it is guarded by an ancient gate.

The beginnings

The Niemczańska Vineyard was established in 2017. Relatively young plantings in 2018 produced the first small crops and the first German wine is produced from this vintage.

The size of the vineyard
4 ha

Tasting and visiting the vineyard

Wine tasting – PLN 50 / person, by prior arrangement for a group of min. 5 people. Exceptionally, even for 1-2 people.
Visiting the vineyard – by appointment. In hotel stay packages according to the schedule

In the area

Just behind the vineyard fence is the Silesian Gingerbread House, where you can see and learn how gingerbread was made in the old days. There are thousands of varieties of flowers waiting in the arboretum in Wojsławice. A horse stable or visiting monuments in the surrounding towns will make your stay in this area even more attractive. The proximity of bicycle paths, ski lifts and hiking trails make it difficult to leave here.

Overnight in the vineyard

When going to the Niemczańska Vineyard, it is worth setting aside a bit more time. Right next to the vineyard there is a modern facility, Hotel Niemcza SPA, which offers not only high-standard rooms, but also a wine SPA and a restaurant.

Events and training

On the premises of the facility they organize training courses, integration events, business meetings and picnics. Hotel Niemcza SPA is one of the main business centers in Lower Silesia. It has three modernly equipped rooms with professional conference facilities. In the hotel restaurant, they will also organize a special occasional party, for both 20 and 80 people.


  • Overnight Overnight
    • Restaurant Restaurant
      • Sale of wine Sale of wine
        • Mail order / Online sales Mail order / Online sales
          • Wine courses and workshops Wine courses and workshops
            • Venues & events Venues & events
              • Offer Offer
                • Sparkling wine
                • Rose
                • Red wine
                • White wine
              • Wine tastings Wine tastings
                • Organised groups
                • Individuals by appointment only
              • Winery tours Winery tours
                • Organised groups
                • Individuals by appointment only
              • Extras Extras
                • Eno-caravaning
                • Pet friendly
                • Picnic
                • Facilities for disabled guests
                • Landmarks
                • Bike tours
                • Wellness and SPA
                • Attractions for children
              • Grape varieties Grape varieties
                • Pinot Gris
                • Pinot Noir
                • Riesling
                • Cabernet Blanc
                • Muscaris
                • Cabernet Cortis
                • Chardonnay
                • Solaris
                • Palava


              Niemczańska Vineyard
              Ul. Strzelińska 10A
              58-230 Niemcza

              +48 601 776 446



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