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Świętokrzyskie (Szerzawy / Kielce okolice)

Nad Źródłem Vineyard

The Vineyard Nad Źródłem is a small family enterprise, a place of relaxation and a springboard from everyday duties. People who like to travel through Polish vineyards cannot miss this place. The vineyard is located in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, on the south-west slope in Szerzawy, 5 km from Bodzentyn; it borders with the “Natura 2000” area. The Vineyard by the Source organizes the “Bread & Wine” workshops and is open all year round.

Tasting and visiting the vineyard

The offer includes visiting the vineyard and winery, tasting and selling wine after prior telephone contact.

Overnight in the vineyard

Guests have at their disposal two cozy, fully equipped cottages with a view of the vineyard and the Świętokrzyskie Mountains range.


  • Overnight Overnight
    • Sale of wine Sale of wine
      • Wine courses and workshops Wine courses and workshops
        • Offer Offer
          • Dessert wine
          • Rose
          • Red wine
          • White wine
        • Wine tastings Wine tastings
          • Organised groups
          • Individuals by appointment only
        • Winery tours Winery tours
          • Organised groups
          • Individuals by appointment only
        • Grape varieties Grape varieties
          • Pinot Noir
          • Regent
          • Jutrzenka
          • Aurora
          • Bianca
          • Marechal Foch
          • Seyval Blanc
          • Sibera
          • Solaris


        Winnica Nad Źródłem
        Szerzawy 139A
        27-225 Pawłów

          +48 792 856 939



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