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Lubuskie (Wityń / aroundŚwiebodzin )

Łukasz Vineyard

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Łukasz Vineyard belongs to the farm and park complex in Wityń, in the Lubuskie Province. Surrounded by beautiful forests and fields, the village is located in the Świebodziński poviat, near Lake Lubinieckie.

It all started with a great passion for wine and the cultivation of the Pietrasik family, who have been farming for years. They decided to cultivate the wine-growing traditions known in this area since the 14th century, and in 2009 they founded the Łukasz winery. Despite their extensive experience, running a vineyard turned out to be a real challenge for them. They planted almost six thousand grapevines in a 19th-century farm with an area of ​​4 hectares, and since 2014 they have also been breeding fallow deer living next to a slope with bushes. Now, when they present their wine, they feel proud and satisfied that they have made the decision to create this place.

The Łukasz Vineyard and the 19th-century farm are an extremely grateful background for outdoor photography, where you can organize family, wedding or portrait sessions.

The size of the vineyard
4 ha


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          Łukasz Vineyard
          Wityń 13
          66-200 Wityń

          +48 697 995 886



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