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Dolnośląskie (Trzebnica / around Wrocław)

L’Opera Vineyard

L’Opera Vineyard was established in 2014, when the first seedlings were planted in the Trzebnica Hills of Lower Silesia. The first mentions of viticulture in this area come from the Middle Ages (1216), when Pope Innocent III took care of the Cistercian Order in Trzebnica, and on this occasion the vineyards in Stoba, Ścinawa and Ostrowice are mentioned for the first time in papal documents. near Milicz. Slow maturation, precision and passion are the foundations of Vineyard L’Opera, which make them ideal products for customers who value quality, innovation and the beauty of minimalist design.


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          L’Opera Vineyard
          Ul. Węgrzynów
          55-100 Trzebnica

            +48 697 036 868



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