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Lubelskie (Tereszpol / around Zamość)

Lipowiec Vineyard

The Lipowiec Vineyard is located in the small town of Lipowiec, near the Roztocze National Park. The first plantings date back to 2008, when several dozen Dornfelder shrubs were planted on a steep slope by an agritourism farm. Initially, these shrubs were supposed to play only a decorative role and be an attraction for visiting guests. Over time, the wine hobby turned into a passion and the owners were more and more willing to delve into the secrets of viticulture and wine production.

In addition to the production of wine, the vineyard conducts a wide range of enotourism activities. People visiting the vineyard can also take advantage of accommodation and the offer of regional cuisine.

The size of the vineyard

1 ha


Brzozowy Dworek – a place that combines the features of a cozy and intimate agritourism, maintaining the standard of a comfortable guest house. Guests have at their disposal 2, 3 and 4-person rooms with bathrooms.

Polana – a large wooden house with an cozy living room, a fully equipped kitchen and comfortably furnished rooms will accommodate 17 people. It is an ideal place for organized groups or families with children.

Na Skarpa – the house has four bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace and a kitchenette, and a bathroom. The house on the escarpment can accommodate up to 11 people.


  • Overnight Overnight
    • Sale of wine Sale of wine
      • Mail order / Online sales Mail order / Online sales
        • Wine courses and workshops Wine courses and workshops
          • Offer Offer
            • Vegan wine
            • Cider
            • Dessert wine
            • Sparkling wine
            • Rose
            • Red wine
            • White wine
          • Wine tastings Wine tastings
            • Organised groups
            • Individuals by appointment only
          • Winery tours Winery tours
            • Organised groups
            • Individuals by appointment only
          • Extras Extras
            • Eno-caravaning
            • Landmarks
            • Bike tours
          • Grape varieties Grape varieties
            • Johanniter
            • Riesling
            • Cabernet Cantor
            • Muscaris
            • Cabernet Cortis
            • Chardonnay
            • Solaris
            • Dornfelder
            • Zweigelt


          Lipowiec Vineyard
          Lipowiec 1b
          23-407 Tereszpol

          +48 600 338 317



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