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Podlaskie (Mielnik / around Biała Podlaska )

Korol Vineyard

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The Korol vineyard was founded in 2010 by Mikołaj Korol, the owner of an organic farm in Mielnik on the Bug River. The vineyard is located in the southern part of the Podlaskie Voivodeship, on the Drohiczyn Upland, on the southern side of the Bug River, next to the Podlasie Sightseeing Park at the Bug River Gorge. The Korol Vineyard borders on the east with Mount Uszeście, which is part of the Nature Reserve with unique flora and microclimate. There is a peculiar microclimate on Góra Uszeście, in which peculiar fauna and flora were created that correspond to the Asian nature.

Currently, the vineyard covers 6 ha. There is a modern wine bar on its premises as a base for the production and storage of wines along with a tasting room – for groups of up to 60 people.

In addition to the production and sale of wines, Mikołaj Korol promotes knowledge about wine by organizing numerous lectures and production demonstrations. He is a very committed and active man in spreading knowledge and reviving the tradition of grape wine production. He develops enotourism in his vineyard and welcomes groups from all over Poland.

The size of the vineyard

6 ha in two plots (4 ha and 2 ha)

Tasting and sightseeing

Visiting the vineyard with tasting takes about 2 hours. The program of guided tours of the vineyard includes the presentation of the grapevine varieties, the methods of their care and vinification, and the presentation of the vineyard’s achievements in the quality of produced wines. Seasonally, they offer participation in works related to the cultivation, management and care of vines, as well as the grape harvest itself. All our wines can be tasted at the Korol Vineyard.

Price of visiting the vineyard and winery with tasting of 4 selected wines, during which regional farmhouse cheeses of the “Korycin” type are served: 40 PLN / person. for a group of at least 5 people. For a group of less than 5 people, the cost of the visit is PLN 200 per group.
Contact at tel. +48 604 273 338.


Up to 20 people can be accommodated in double rooms on the vineyard and next door. Guests have at their disposal kitchens with refrigerators and bathrooms with showers. The cost of 1 double room is PLN 100 / day. It is possible to organize breakfast in groups. In case of a larger number of people, the owners can help and arrange accommodation in nearby hotels and agritourism farms.


Korol wines are becoming more and more popular. They have won numerous awards and distinctions at national and international competitions.

Additional attractions

The Mielnik commune has a holiday and recreational character. Mielnik’s wealth, apart from its nature and unique climate, is the chalk mine and hot healing water springs. The Korol Vineyard is an excellent base for visiting the nearby historic places such as the Orthodox Sanctuary in Grabarka, the ruins of medieval castles and castles such as Drohiczyn, Mielnik and Niemirów. Mielnik has a well-equipped infrastructure for sports recreation, such as bicycle paths, canoeing on the Bug, fishing and hiking.


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          Korol Vineyard
          Ul. Popław 3
          17-307 Mielnik

            +48 604 273 338


          Opening hours:
          Weekly wine sale: after 4 p.m. (by prior call)
          Saturdays: 10:00 – 19:00
          Sundays: 12:00 – 19:00


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