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Małopolskie (Rybna / around Kraków )

Jura Vineyard

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Jura Vineyard is located in Rybna at Winnica street, but because it is a newly created street, you should enter Wrzosowa street in the GPS (Winnica street is in the middle of Wrzosowa street), about 25 km from Krakow. The Vineyard is a project of Joanna and Marcin Miszczak, who live in Krakow and raise their children here. From the very beginning, the project assumed the production of high-quality local wine for Krakow.
The wines made in the Jura Vineyard are created with a passion for the drink, but also with the belief that healthy eating is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. The vineyard has a certificate of ecological cultivation and production.
The winery, i.e. the place of wine production – is located in the nearby village, Sanka no. 253.

Sightseeing and tasting

During the meeting, you will learn more about the vineyard, varieties and organic viticulture.

The tasting includes 5 self-produced wines: white wines and red wines. Local snacks and spring water are served with the wines.
The meeting time is 2-3 hours. The tasting is in Polish or English.

Sightseeing and tasting only for groups. The cost of sightseeing and tasting is PLN 50 net per person. Minimum of 6 people. Possibility to issue a VAT invoice.

For individuals, you can drive to the winery every day to buy wine. Additionally, several times a year, SlowWine picnics and the Grape Harvest Festival are organized here, combined with visiting the vineyard.


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          Jura Winnica
          Ul. Winnica
          32-061 Rybna

           + 48 509 788 676




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