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Dolnośląskie (Ozorowice / around Wrocław)

Jadwiga Vineyard

Jadwiga Vineyard is located in the southern ridge of the Trzebnickie Hills, approx. 17 km. north of Wrocław. From the tops of these hills there is a beautiful view of the Silesian Lowland, with the visible vast Wrocław and the majestic Sleza Massif. The climatic conditions in the area of ​​the Trzebnickie Hills are among the best in Poland due to warm winds from the Atlantic (similar to the famous Bordeaux).

The vineyard was established in 2015 on an area of ​​approx. 1 ha. The production is based on manual work performed by the winemaker and his family. Growing vines is carried out using methods that enable obtaining high-quality fruit, e.g. by fertilizing with natural fertilizers, used in organic farming. The name of the vineyard refers to the patron of this land, St. Jadwiga Śląska. The logo of the vineyard is based on the shape of a prince’s miter, and the visible birds of prey are a visualization of the winemaker’s interests – falconry.

Consistent work and commitment of the vineyard owners make their wines win prizes in numerous competitions both in Poland and abroad. They are constantly looking for interesting proposals for lovers of various wines, as evidenced by their sparkling Pet Nat-y, Ice wine or the so-called “Mass wine”.


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          Jadwiga Vineyard
          Ul. Jodłowa 73
          55-114 Wisznia Mała

            +48 71 3107625, +48 514 061 069



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