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Małopolskie (Chełmiec / around Nowy Sącz )

Fritz Vineyard

The vineyard was established in 2009 in a unique habitat on the sunny slopes of Paśc Góra in Chełmiec near Nowy Sącz. The south-west exposure of the slope guarantees very good sunlight, the soil has extremely beneficial ingredients for viticulture, and the higher location allows you to avoid frost pools. The inspiration for establishing the vineyard were visits to European and Polish vineyards and the beneficial effects of wine on our health.

From the lover of the divine drink, thanks to the acquired knowledge, practice and intuition, the owner became a continuator of the old family tradition that dates back to the end of the 18th century, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was then that the ancestor Antoni Fritz came from the Austrian Tyrol and settled in this region, hence the name of the vineyard – FRITZ.

The small area of ​​the vineyard has its advantages, you can take care of it as if it were your family, love it and cultivate it with passion. The use of chemicals has been reduced to a minimum, diseases and pests are fought with natural methods, spraying of composted herbs flooded with rainwater is used. As in family relationships – truth, openness, diligence and patience. And the Family Vines require special care, hence the social passion of the Owners and the creation of the MADA FOUNDATION taking care of autistic people and their families.

As part of the Horticultural Occupational Therapy Workshop, the Foundation’s charges contribute to great added value by participating in all grapevine care and harvesting work. The treatment rules and other cultivation methods and rules described above would classify the cultivation of grapevine and wine production in a very wide range of wines defined as organic. The vineyard has started the procedure of obtaining the relevant certificates. One of the criteria is the broadest possible biodiversity of the wine-producing farm. Various plants are grown in the vineyard, including Japanese quince, dogwood, cherries, raspberries, elderberry, roses, hibiscus, jasmine, several dozen medicinal herbs and vegetables in ecological conditions. The specialties here, apart from wines, are liqueurs – dogwood, quince, cherry, blackberry, mint, raspberry and ratafia herbal mixture for health.

The size of the vineyard

30 ares

Tasting and sightseeing

For organized groups (minimum 4 people or 2 people 200 PLN) – tasting with visiting the vineyard, during which the owners show their ecologically grown vineyard and the permaculture cultivation of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

After the tour, tasting of 4 types of wines – guests are offered snacks – a board of cheeses and long-maturing meats, bread and water. At the end of the tasting, the owners offer their guests health liqueurs from their own production according to old Polish and monastery recipes (Wiśniówka, Pigwówka and Dereniówka)

Duration – approx. 2 hours
Price 49 PLN / person


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          Fritz Vineyard
          33-395 Chełmiec
          ul. Leśna 77

            +48 724 333 777




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