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Mazowieckie (Dwórzno / around Warszawa )

Dwórzno Vineyard

The Dwórzno vineyard, called by many “Masovian Tuscany”, is located only 40 km from Warsaw. It is the largest vineyard in Mazovia and one of the largest in the country, and at the same time located the closest to the capital.

In the Dwórzno Vineyard, they produce grape and fruit wines, using traditional winemaking methods. Particular importance is attached here so as not to lose what nature offers us. That is why wines are produced in fully natural ways, using modern and proven technology.

The village of Dwórzno is an ecologically clean place. The town, surrounded by forests and bordering the lake, is a watershed that has been naturally cleansing for millennia. Thanks to these wonderful conditions and suitable soil, the Dwórzno Vineyard can boast of producing excellent quality wine, at the same time being a beautiful enotourism destination.

The owners cordially invite you to visit the Dwórzno Vineyard and try the drinks they produce. Their goal is to prove to the world that Polish wine can delight even the most demanding gourmets and sommeliers.

The size of the vineyard

6 ha

Tasting and sightseeing

Individual tours of the Dwórzno Vineyard combined with tasting take place every Saturday at 12:00 by appointment. The program includes a walk around the vineyard, a visit to a winery, an overview of the production and bottling process, and a tasting of 5 wines. Duration – about 2 hours. Price – PLN 59 / person Visiting the vineyard: +48 609 509 333

Additional attractions

Organization of trips and events for companies. Additionally, it is possible to organize a carriage ride, a bonfire, a sleigh ride, a bicycle rally or a ride in vintage cars.

Online store: www.sklep.dworzno.pl


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          Dwórzno Vineyard
          Ul. Spokojna 47
          96-320 Dwórzno k. Mszczonowa

          +48 605 302 031, +48 609 509 333 



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