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Lubelskie (Modliborzyce/ around Lublin )

Dwór Sanna Vineyard

Sanna Manor is a unique place that combines nature and ecology with the highest quality, offering a unique experience, the opportunity to lose yourself in nature and taste the wine produced on the spot. And all this in Roztocze – the sunniest region of Poland. Sanna Manor is not only a luxurious four-star hotel, but also an ecological farm, from which the high-quality ingredients of dishes served in the hotel restaurant come, e.g. vegetables, fruits, artisanal cheeses, and a biodynamic vineyard that completes the guests’ experience.
The wines of Dwór Sanna are made in a traditional artisanal way, all the grapes are harvested by hand, and the entire production process is carried out in accordance with the principles of ecological biodiversity.
Wines from Dwór Sanna have been awarded on the international stage for many years. In 2015, Solaris wine won the Gold Medal in the International Galicja Vitis Competition, and Johanniter in 2016 received the Złoty Cork in Poznań at the SPOT restaurant. The vineyard is made up of two generations of the Nizio family – son Karol and father Dariusz. They have been working together since 2012.

The size of the vineyard

3 ha, planned planting up to 15 ha


Guests can book accommodation in the nineteenth-century manor, which was carefully restored by the Nizia family, turning it into a luxury hotel facility. The Sanna Manor also offers accommodation on the farm, next to the vineyard – in Folwark. In total, there are 12 rooms in the hotel and 7 in the Folwark. Prices start from PLN 180 per night.


There is a restaurant on site, where the cuisine and proprietary menu reflect the commitment to nature and ecology and the care that the guests receive the highest quality products. Most of the ingredients for the dishes on the menu are produced by the owners themselves, and the rest are obtained from local suppliers. The chef has also prepared a special tasting menu with wine pairing. The restaurant is complemented by a family vineyard, the wines of which will surely be a perfect culmination of culinary experiences.


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              Dwór Sanna Vineyard
              Wierzchowiska Drugie 163
              23-310 Modliborzyce

                +48 15 871 61 53, +48 606 112 473



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