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lubelskie (Celejów / around Kazimierz Dolny)

Celejów Vineyard

Born out of determination, willingness to improve yourself and fight for your own lifestyle. It is situated in the Polish countryside – simple (but not banal) and dignified, reaching for the deepest, but how accurate and true feelings. A place somewhere between Lublin and Kazimierz Dolny. An impulse to act and take up your own creativity. Celejów Vineyard. This is how passion was created. Here the world is created in its own way. The owners get along with nature and their visions more and more consciously and confidently. They create original wines that reflect the nature of the local land and care for the quality and health of the shrubs. Here, people talk about wine and wine – sometimes with wine, too, if necessary. The vineyard is distinguished by manual weeding, yield reduction and no use of herbicides.

In the area

Surrounded by hiking, biking and horse-riding routes.


  • Sale of wine Sale of wine
    • Mail order / Online sales Mail order / Online sales
      • Offer Offer
        • Dessert wine
        • Rose
        • Red wine
        • White wine
      • Wine tastings Wine tastings
        • Individuals by appointment only
      • Winery tours Winery tours
        • Individuals by appointment only
      • Extras Extras
        • Pet friendly
        • Bike tours
      • Grape varieties Grape varieties
        • Hibernal
        • Regent
        • Johanniter
        • Riesling
        • Cabernet Cortis
        • Solaris


      Celejów Vineyard
      Agnieszka Stateczna
      Celejów 91D, 24-160 Wąwolnica

      +48 607 091 633, +48 512 473 798



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