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Lubuskie (Mozów / around Zielona Góra )

Cantina Vineyard

Cantina Vineyard was founded in 2006 in the picturesque Mozów, near Sulechów. The vineyard is run with great commitment and passion for the winemaking. As the owners, Karolina and Mariusz Pacholak, say, “We create sensual taste bouquets with passion”. They are happy to talk about this passion during a tour of the vineyard, offering wine made using the traditional method, and more. Guests can also enjoy bread baked in a bread oven, which is located in the vineyard, and homemade cold meats. They willingly share their knowledge, experience and passion with others, organizing numerous lectures. They also offer help in preparing the soil for planting, selecting grape varieties and caring for the vines.

The size of the vineyard

3.3 ha

Attractions for children

There are surprises for parents with children. The attractions in the vineyard are the animals inhabiting them, above all: Marian Pony and accompanying sheep – heather, as well as a cow named Syrenka.

Tasting and sightseeing

They host both private individuals and organized groups with open arms. The offer of visiting the vineyard and wine tasting is determined individually for a specific group. Examples of variants:

  • Tasting of 3 types of wine: PLN 25 net / perperson.
  • Tasting of 3 types of wine + cold snacks (cold cuts, cheese, bread, vegetables): PLN 35 net / per person.
  • Tasting of 4 types of wine: PLN 40 net / per person.
  • Tasting of 5 types of wine + cold snacks: PLN 50 net / per person.
  • On request, it is possible to organize a barbecue, bonfire or catering.


It is possible to organize a party for 100 people in the vineyard.


  • Sale of wine Sale of wine
    • Mail order / Online sales Mail order / Online sales
      • Wine courses and workshops Wine courses and workshops
        • Venues & events Venues & events
          • Offer Offer
            • Fruit wine
            • Dessert wine
            • Rose
            • Red wine
            • White wine
          • Wine tastings Wine tastings
            • Organised groups
            • Individuals by appointment only
          • Winery tours Winery tours
            • Organised groups
            • Individuals by appointment only
            • No appointment required
          • Extras Extras
            • Eno-caravaning
            • Pet friendly
            • Picnic
            • Attractions for children
          • Grape varieties Grape varieties
            • Pinot Gris
            • Hibernal
            • Regent
            • Riesling
            • Rondo
            • Bianca
            • Sauvignon Blanc
            • Dornfelder


          Cantina Vineyard
          Mozów 13
          66-100 Sulechów

            +48 691 914 849, +48 695 657 069



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