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Dolnośląskie (Ostaszów / around Lubin )

Alvarium Vineyard

Alvarium Vineyard is a family farm, located in the village of Ostaszów in the Przemków commune, in the heart of the Przemkowski Landscape Park. The quietness of the place, good soil conditions and sunlight, and above all the mild climate of the region, made a good place for growing vines. Currently, the vineyard covers an area of ​​0.35 ha, but its further development is planned in the nearby Dalkowskie Hills.

The name of the Alvarium Vineyard (Latin: “apiary”, “ul”) refers to the multi-generational tradition of producing natural bee honey. Importantly, both in the production of honey and wine, they rely on these traditional methods and do not use artificial additives. They follow the principle that they also create for themselves, and they want to eat and drink only the best. They use only natural methods and means to fertilize and protect the vines. The high quality of their wines is determined by the awards won in wine competitions and the excellent opinions of the guests.

Enotourism offer

The owners invite you not only to visit the vineyard, but also to taste and hear stories about wine and winemaking. Workshops in the field of work in the vineyard and in fruit harvesting and processing are held here. In the summer season, you can also pitch a tent or place a caravan here. There are also a lot of accommodation options in the area. Apart from the wines, the site has honey from its own apiary, herbs and lavender ornaments.

The size of the vineyard

0.35 ha

Tasting and visiting the vineyard

The owners invite guests in groups of 3 to 10 people for a tour of the vineyard and tasting, upon prior arrangement.



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        Alvarium Vineyard
        Ostaszów 23a
        59-170 Przemków

          +48 691 576 363



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