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Podkarpackie (Pstrągowa / around Rzeszów )

Notabene Vineyard

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Notabene Vineyard is located in the village of Pstrągowa near Strzyżów (Podkarpackie Province). It was founded in 2015. Grapevines are grown on a slope with a southern exposure and a slope of 15%, currently there are around 2,400 bushes of several varieties growing.

The size of the vineyard

50 ares

Manufacture and family passion

In the Notabene Vineyard you will find the only ovary swing, many places where you can sit and relax with a glass of local wine. There are beautiful views of the surroundings all around. In addition to the tasting, visitors can enjoy a real attraction. You can test your archery or air rifle skills here.

Are you looking for accommodation?

The vineyard cooperates with the local Siedlisko Janczar Pstrągowa, where there is a restaurant and hotel, and various events (equestrian events, weddings) are organized.


  • Sale of wine Sale of wine
    • Mail order / Online sales Mail order / Online sales
      • Venues & events Venues & events
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          • Red wine
          • White wine
        • Wine tastings Wine tastings
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        • Grape varieties Grape varieties
          • Hibernal
          • Regent
          • Jutrzenka
          • Aurora
          • Leon Millot
          • Bianca
          • Marechal Foch
          • Seyval Blanc
          • Sibera
          • Solaris


        Notabene Vineyard
        Pstrągowa 126
        38-121 Pstrągowa

          +48 731 802 900, +48 504 214 265



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