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Dolnośląskie (Rzeptowice / around Trzebnica, Wrocław )

55-100 Vineyard

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Vineyard 55-100 was established in 2015 on the beautiful Trzebnickie Hills, characterized by a unique microclimate and the longest growing season in Poland. The vineyard is located 20 km north of Wrocław, in Rzepotowice. It consists of two plots with a total of 3.5 hectares, which are mainly planted with the following grape varieties: Solaris, Muscaris and Regent. Vineyard 55-100 is a story not only of its owners, Dorian and Tomek, but above all of a unique place. That is why the zip code was chosen as the name of the vineyard, and the main visual image is a stamp symbolizing a souvenir from a trip, a new experience and the place to which we want to return.

There is a unique atmosphere here, created by the place itself and the friendly and open-minded owners. Vineyard 55-100 escapes pathos, focusing on honesty and truth. Commented tastings are conducted here, combined with visiting the vineyard and winery. In addition to vines, the vineyard also has bushes of ecological fruit: haskap berries, blueberries, cherry and Carpathian rose.

The size of the vineyard
about 3.5 ha


  • Sale of wine Sale of wine
    • Wine courses and workshops Wine courses and workshops
      • Venues & events Venues & events
        • Offer Offer
          • Rose
          • Red wine
          • White wine
        • Wine tastings Wine tastings
          • Organised groups
          • Individuals by appointment only
        • Winery tours Winery tours
          • Organised groups
          • Individuals by appointment only
        • Extras Extras
          • Eno-caravaning
          • Pet friendly
          • Picnic
          • Facilities for disabled guests
          • Bike tours
        • Grape varieties Grape varieties
          • Regent
          • Muscaris
          • Solaris


        55-100 Vineyard
        Rzeptowice 17
        55-100 Trzebnica

        +48 730 706 690



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